Engraving Services

We understand that the personalisation of your award is vitally important.  We have team of experienced engraving specialists on hand to provide a wide range of personalisation services:

Diamond Drag Engraving

The most traditional form of engraving.  Undertaken using state of the art machines which deliver consistent high quality results.

Laser Engraving

Our CO2 laser engraving machines allow for pin point engraving onto a wide range of materials, including glass, acrylic, wood and metal.


This method of engraving gives a permanent frosted finish with the design or wording etched into the surface.

Bespoke Centre Discs

A wide range of our awards can be personalised by creating a personalised centre disc.  These can be produced in either 1 or 2 inch sizes as appropriate and allow for colour reproduction (see personalised centre discs for more information).


Please note that free engraving is only offered onto items with a metal plate.  On all other items the price of engraving is clearly marked